OPR8 Low Profile Half-Amber Filter

OPR8 Low Profile Half-Amber Filter


The OPR8 Low Profile Half-Amber Filters were made to strike a balance between performance of the night vision, and performance of the filter. Competitor “Full Ambers” cut far too much light out of the back of the system that meant they could not be used in many darker situations.

We wanted the best of both worlds - reduced eye strain on the operator and filters that could be used almost every time we need to use NVG’s. We feel we struck a great balance here - and they even help protect your glass as well!

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Protect your valuable investment.

The OPR8 Low Profile Half-Amber’s were born out of a dissatisfaction with other amber filters on the market. Normal amber filters would tint the image too much and cause too much light to not be transmitted to the eye - while they fit a specific role in a specific purpose, we wanted something that would help reduce eye fatigue for long duration of use without having to sacrifice so much performance.

The Half-Amber’s strike a balance between tinting and full peformance. By having a less severe tint, much more light is transmitted to the eye. The user still benefits from a reduction of eye fatigue over long periods of use and a muting of the backsplash on the face. In many darker environments where an amber filter may have to be removed due to the NOD becoming ineffective, the Half-Ambers can remain on the system. Just remember, like all amber filters, some light is indeed cut out and may have to be removed in the darkest settings.

The OPR8 Low Profile Half-Ambers also provide some protection from scratches, damage, and other potential impacts. When tested at point blank range, the lens would crack when impacted with 1.6 joules of force - however the pieces stayed in place within the lens assembly and the NVG’s could continue to be used just fine with the filters. While these are in no way impact rated, they will sacrifice themselves to save your expensive glass.

OPR8 Low Profile Sacrificial Windows are compatible with PVS-14 and PVS-15/18 eyepieces - The half ambers can be screwed into the rear of the PVS-14 or any platform using PVS-14 glass (BNVD, Sentinel, MOD-3, DTNVG) - as well as PVS-15 and PVS-18’s. Please ensure your eyepiece glass is threaded to accept eye cup rings and other filters.

The Low Profile Half-Amber Filters are made out of Acrylic, laser cut in the USA with the final assembly in Canada.