Shipping Prices provides Flat Rate shipping for all orders no matter how large or small the order.

  • $20.00 to Canada and USA

  • $40.00 to Europe

When purchasing OPR8 Low Profile products, get free shipping on your entire order to USA/CAN and 50% shipping to Europe with coupon code FREESHIP. Do not use the coupon code unless you are purchasing Low Profile Filters - your order will be canceled.

Shipping Restrictions

OPR8 sells a number of items that are unable to be shipped internationally. These items may be subject to export controls or restrictions placed on us by the manufacturer. If your order contains an item that cannot be shipped to you, your entire order will be canceled.

Below is a list of manufacturers and item categories with the relevant shipping restrictions.

  • OPR8 Branded Items: Ships Internationally

  • PK Design Labs: Ships Internationally

  • Holosun: Canada and USA Only

  • Unity Tactical: Canada and USA Only

  • Cadex Defense: Canada Only

  • EOTech (L3): Canada Only

Additionally, the following restrictions exist on the following types of items

  • Complete Night Vision Units: Canada Only, requires signed end user statements

  • Body Armour (Helmets): Canada Only, excluding Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Nova Scotia