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The next generation of pressure switch. Fully compatible with PKDL and Surefire lights.

Tired of your pressure pad shooting straight out the back of your weapon light? Now it doesn’t have to. The UTS7 rocks a 90 degree angle plug to help tuck your wires out of the way and reduce snag hazards.

The switch itself is similar form factor to the Surefire pressure pad, and will work with all aftermarket pressure pad holders, rail panels, foregrips, etc. If it works for the ST07, it’ll work for this.

Choose between:

  • Right Angle Tape Switch for PKDL & Surefire

  • PKDL & Surefire Scout Compatible Tailcap and Tape Switch

  • PKDL Light Adapter and Scout Tailcap and Tape Switch

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It’s a pressure pad - we don’t need to over complicate it.

The pad has a 90 degree port to help with cable management. The switch itself is responsive and activates just as you’d expect it to. It is fully compatible with all current Surefire tailcaps on the market, as well as all Surefire pressure pad holders. If you just want to make an upgrade to a better pad for your existing Surefire light, or simply just need a functional pad that is durable and gets the job done? We got your back.

No matter what light you own - that light deserves the best pad on the market.

The UTS7 will screw onto any Surefire Scout series light that accepts standard tailcaps out of the box. The additional adapter allows it to be used with the PRX and M5X series of lights from PKDL.